Number 3

Last night I finished weaving JJ’s wrap with the lilac weft.

JJ to ML, right side of loom

I keep having ‘firsts’ with the baby wraps. This first is 3 wraps on one warp. Two of them, both for ML, are shorter than usual, with her second being especially short – she’s going to have it made into a ring sling. Since I haven’t done warps this long and the ring sling was the 3rd priority, I decided I’d weave the 2 long wraps first. That way, if I didn’t have quite enough warp for the ring sling (which might happen if I the calculations should have been different for take up or something with a warp this long), I’d at least get the two full-length wraps done.

You’re seeing the transition from JJ’s lilac weft to ML’s navy weft for the ring sling.

JJ to ML, left side of loom

I’m back in Rochester all day — playing with my grandson and taking the 2nd half of that class at the weaving center — so no weaving on Tuesday.

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