Not spot, but a lot

A lot of cleaning, that is. My house will be shown this weekend and needs to look really good. So instead of the spot cleaning and little bits here and there that I’ve been doing, I had to start at the top and work through every room. True, the really hard stuff was done a few months ago, but dust and dirt gather quickly. So I spent most of my day cleaning.

As with many things, I had to think backwards a bit—start at the end. I finished weaving ML & JJ’s wraps so the next step is cut them off the loom, machine hem, & off to the washer & dryer. I much prefer doing my machine hemming with daylight; I find it so much easier to work in than artificial light. Since I had a late afternoon meeting I’d lose about an hour of our daylight, so if I wanted to hem in daylight I had to stop cleaning and do that. wrap pinned for hemming Here are the steps involved:

  • Cut the whole woven length off the loom.
  • Run a line of machine stitching near each cutting line and each end.
  • Cut between the machine stitches to separate the 3 wraps.
  • Fold & pin hems in place.  I know lots of people are basters, but I never have been.  I remember getting in trouble in home ec in 7th grade because I refused to baste.  I’m a pinner.  It’s pretty much always worked for me, so I keep doing it.
  • Machine stitch near the front of that fold to secure the hem.

After I got the 3 wraps hemmed I left for my meeting. I came home and sewed up some bags for the baby wraps, made dinner, and did the inspection & hand work while I watched Project Runway. I don’t like the All Stars shows as well as the ‘regular’ ones, but I still watch.

Tomorrow I’ll get the wraps in the washer & dryer, finish cleaning, and pack my car for the Women’s Gifts show.

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