A bit of ouchy

ML's custom wrap

I was gone all day Tuesday, playing with my grandson & daughter in the morning, taking a class at the Weaver’s Guild of Rochester in the afternoon, so no weaving progress that day.

While I was away my firewood guy was here, cutting & splitting the remaining wood to fill my basement. So on Wednesday morning instead of my morning walk I decided to deal with the firewood, especially since the forecast was for rain; I wanted to get that wood stacked in the basement before it got wet.

I ended up handling the equivalent of 4 cords of wood. I had to pick up each piece of the 2 cords that were there, toss it down the ramp into the basement, and then go into the basement and stack it. As the basement fills up the stacking has to happen more often. Toss down 200 pieces of firewood, go downstairs & stack. Repeat. And repeat. As a result, my elbow was good & sore. I believe I have bursitis in my right elbow, and all that wood handling stressed it.

So while I could thread the reed & tie the warp on to the front apron, I knew it would be a mistake to throw that shuttle on Wednesday other than for a header to make sure I had no threading errors.

Even today I couldn’t weave as much as I would have liked. I did manage to get about half of ML’s wrap woven by weaving for a short time then taking a long break. This is my hearts pattern with a pale mauve weft. The color in the photo is better than usual, but not totally accurate. Hopefully by tomorrow my elbow will be rested enough to get more done.

3 comments to A bit of ouchy

  • Bursitis is a tough one. Comes on with unaccustomed exercise in so many forms, mine was shoveling gravel. The weaving is delightfully beautiful and the colors altho maybe not true are certainly lovely. Here’s to a calm elbow tomorrow.

    • Peg Cherre

      My elbow acts up cyclically, spurred on by certain movements with weight to them. When I take appropriate care of it after a flare up, it settles back down relatively quickly. So I’m used to it.

  • Alma

    Sorry to hear about your elbow – – heat? cold? – – does anything help it besides rest?

    The weaving is beautiful!

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