(Not) Thanksgiving

According to the calendar, today’s Thanksgiving. For me & my family, it’s still a few days away. We often celebrate on alternate days to make it work for everyone’s schedule.

So I did some stuff yesterday & today in advance of our holiday celebration.

I finished weaving those rayon chenille scarves in 2 reds and an orange. They look great when wet finished. It might be hard to see the difference between the two here, one with a wine weft and one with a ruby weft.

red rayon chenille scarves

I also wet finished that taquete sample to see how it would work, even though I don’t like the colors. I will definitely try this again with other colors.

rayon chenille taquete sample

Then I kept working on Christmas toys. Here’s a challenge for you: can you guess what this will be when it’s all done?

toy body

Does it get any easier if I add the legs & ears?

toy body with legs

What about that yellow bit – do you have it now?

toy body & more

I still have more pieces to crochet, so if you haven’t guessed it yet, you’ll have to wait.

As an aside, I would MUCH rather knit than crochet. Making this guy reminded me how much easier it is for me.

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