I got the warp measured for the wraps for JM & AA. When I was drafting the image in my weaving software I had real doubts about the colors. I always encourage my moms to order a sample card so they can see the actual yarns and not rely on computer monitors, and I was really glad that JM had one. She took the yarns from the card and wrapped them around a piece of paper to see how they looked in real life.
JMs yarns

Not only did they look good on the paper, the individual bouts looked great on the warping mill.

JM & AA's warp, bout 1

JM & AA's warp, bout 2

JM & AA's warp, bout 3

JM & AA's warp, bout 4

And on the back beam, as I was getting ready to add a new length of paper packing, wow, the colors were terrific!

JM & AA's warp on the back beam

There won’t be more progress over the weekend, as I’m celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend. But I’ll be back at it on Monday.

One last shot – if you’re trying to guess what those crocheted parts will turn into, does it help if I show you these last 2 parts, or will you need to wait to see the whole thing assembled?

last 2 parts of the creature

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