Glam Shots

I’ve sent in two applications for shows this year. I’m only applying to three this year — between weaving lots of baby wraps and having my house on the market, it seems like about all I can handle, since those 3 applications represent 5 shows. In fact, I worry about producing enough work for these shows – but I have that same worry every year and it always works out. So just one more application to go.

Silk & Sequins scarf

I got something like 48 images from the professional photographer of the four pieces I took to him; I had to narrow it down to a manageable — and affordable — six.

Black & White Shawl

I had brought him two props this year: Dolly and a metal stand I call Rod Man. (Prior years he just draped them all over a bar.) Rod Man was a last minute afterthought on my part – I figured Dolly would be the best. He draped Rod Man with a camera drape to eliminate some of the distraction of the stand itself – a good call on his part.

Gemtones Shawl

For jurying, I wanted all the backgrounds to be the same so there was no distraction to the eye. But for 2 of the pieces I really didn’t like the way they looked on Dolly, so I chose all 4 from Rod Man for the jury. You’re seeing 2 of each since they’re my favs.

Gradations in Red Shawl

We’ll see how the juries respond.

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