There’s a reason we don’t use Roman numerals anymore. It’s so much quicker and easier to say 49 & 50 than XLIX & L. Unless, of course, you’re running a super bowl. Then, Roman numerals are apparently a must. I’m sure if it wasn’t for super bowl, only 4th graders would have a clue what […]


I’ve made it a point not to complain about the weather this winter. It’s winter! I get it! It’s supposed to be cold & snowy! But this? This is over-the-top ridiculous.

I just keep feeding the woodstove and my house is still cold. Brrrr!!

Color me surprised

Yesterday I finished weaving the second piano, hemmed & wet finished the 2 pianos & the cityscape.

I expected I’d prefer the pianos, that’s why I wove 2 of them and 1 cityscape. But no. When I see them side by side I prefer the cityscape. Just goes to show you, what appeals on […]

Tickling the keys

Y S-B jumped on the opportunity to buy the wrap with the royal, chambray, & navy weft. So I got both wraps hemmed, washed, dried, pressed, & labelled. Today I mailed out Y’s wrap to Germany and HF’s wrap to New Zealand.

Mailing things out of the U.S. costs SOOO much more than mailing […]

All natty

As planned, today I finished weaving the not-AM wrap and started on HF’s. She chose a natural cottolin weft. The yarn has an extremely natural look on the cone – a bit fuzzy, the color not as definitively solid as dyed colors. Interestingly, on the loom, at least with the CFL bulbs in my […]