Showing more shawls

I got the 5 shawls fringed, wet finished, pressed & labelled, ready for the show this weekend. If this show goes like my last 2, I’ll return home with fewer shawls than I left with, so here’s what may be your only view of them.

In order of weaving….first up is a silk shawl in […]

Doing it

Do you know that saying, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person”? Well, today was like that for me.

I’d purchased some local eggplant on special on Tuesday, and figured I’d better use it up, so I started the day baking some panko-breaded eggplant slices for an eggplant parm.


Quickies…..sort of

So I got the 5 shawls woven. Four are now fringed, washed & dried, awaiting only pressing. One more to fringe and wash.

The other thing I really needed to weave before my show this weekend is bookmarks. I wound a warp of 44 ends of white 5/2 cotton and threaded up the […]

Working Hard

A few years ago my sister gave me this mug. In fact, she had it made special just for me.

In case you can’t read what it says, here’s a close up.

That’s what my life is like at the moment.

I got the 3 silk shawls woven and I now have the […]

Shawl Heaven

My show last weekend at Chautauqua Institution was great! The weather was perfect, the location is marvelous, the crowds come and are respectful and pleasant.

And interested in buying. Clearly this is the year of shawls. At the Roycroft show in June I sold 4 shawls – 1 rayon, 1 rayon chenille, and 2 […]