Quickies…..sort of

bookmarks on the loom

So I got the 5 shawls woven. Four are now fringed, washed & dried, awaiting only pressing. One more to fringe and wash.

The other thing I really needed to weave before my show this weekend is bookmarks. I wound a warp of 44 ends of white 5/2 cotton and threaded up the counterbalance loom in rosepath. I used up a bunch of stuff on bobbins for weft, including cotton, bamboo, and rayon in both solid and variegated colors.

I probably should raise the price of these little guys. Because I hand hem the start and end of each bookmark instead of doing a machine hem off the loom, my bookmarks take much longer than I’d like. It’s important to me to have them, though, so I keep doing it when my stock is low.

bookmarks off the loom

I got 24 woven, although it put me a day behind in my planned timing for winding the warp for the next baby wraps. That and the fact that I’ve spent about 4 hours in the last two days moving & stacking firewood.

Today I did get 1/2 of the warp wound for the baby wraps for MY & JM. If I don’t have to spend too much time tomorrow on firewood and other essential tasks, I’ll finish that. I’m ignoring the fact that my lawn needs to be mowed. It will still need to be mowed on Monday, which is the first time I might be able to get to it.

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