New York Bamboo

Continuing with Jan’s scarf-a-day challenge (even tho I’m getting concerned about her) and my need to keep preparing for the upcoming show season, I completed four bamboo-cotton scarves over the weekend.
Handwoven bamboo cotton scarves

All woven with Tammy’s handpainted yarn, these are in a colorway she calls New York. The pinks and purples are nice and rich. You can see that I did one in a point twill (top), and two in tabby: one in the same weft as warp (right), and one with a solid purple weft (left).

I also wove a fourth, again in a tabby with the same warp as weft, and made it into an infinity scarf.
Handwoven infinity scarf

I’m working on those wider 100% bamboo scarves. They’ll be done soon.

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