Best Buds

Red & Magic enjoy the yard
Red & Magic really do love each other. I took this photo from my porch last summer. I don’t know which of them was lying comfortably in the grass first, and which joined later, but the order doesn’t really matter. What matters is the fact that this is, or at least was, a common occurrence. These two choose to be close to each other.

Magic was already beyond middle age (11 cat years, 69 human years) when Red came to live with us (OMG, how has 6 1/2 years gone by so quickly?!), but it didn’t matter. They became fast friends quickly. They used to spend lots of time wrestling, all in good fun, taking turns ‘winning.’ But as old age has crept up on the Magic kitty, that’s declined. Red really missed that rough cat-dog play for some time, but has come to accept it. He’s not, however, happy with Magic’s recent declines, and the fact that we both know there aren’t years left to enjoy him.

So for me, looking at pictures like this reminds me that they’ve had a good run as best buds. We can’t ask for much more than that.

This photo, and the warmth and greenness it portrays, are in response to Carmi’s weekly thematic photo. Your turn: play the photo game along with us, or tell me about the animal friends in your life.

2 comments to Best Buds

  • Thanks, Carmi. That is the rub with animals – we almost always outlive them. And yet we keep making the decision to do it again. Obviously it’s worth it, even though the end is always painful.

  • I wish their lives didn’t have to be so short. I often look at our pooch and think about why I need to squeeze more out of every day with him – we don’t have as many as we wish.

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