Macomber At Rest

I told you about getting my vintage Macomber 8 harness loom in pieces a few months ago, gave you a few stories about its assembly, and showed you some table linens I’d made on it. But I never showed you the loom in all its finished glory.
Macomber 8 harness loom
The Macomber is resting now. It has been for a few weeks, and will be for at least a few more weeks.

As it turns out, that ugly toe I dropped firewood onto wasn’t just bruised, I broke it. I spent some days when I needed to have the foot elevated when I could, then some days when it needed nighttime attention, and now I merely need to remember that I still am healing. The foot really likes to be in a sturdy Keen shoe – no mushy Crocs, no slippers.

I’ve been working on my lovely, little counterbalance, and I can do plain weave with my shoes on with no problem. The other day I decided that I wanted to do a simple twill. Much more of a challenge to do with shoes on. It’s almost possible if you don’t do a regular sort of tie-up, instead leaving treadles 1 through 4 with only 1 harness each, so that you have to step on two treadles at a time to do a 2-2 twill. But still not easy.

I wove several inches with the shoes on, and then said, “Hey, it’s been 3 weeks, take your shoes off and weave in your socks. You don’t have to use your toes, after all.” Well, I did it, but it wasn’t a great idea. The toe wasn’t happy. It made it through the rest of the scarf, but by evening it was talking to me, reminding me that it’s still vulnerable.

I don’t know that it’s even possible to weave on my Macomber with shoes on – 10 treadles and complex patterns require some fancy footwork. I’m sure I could do plain weave on it, but why would I, when my counterbalance is so sweet and easy to use?  Besides, I can do 2/2 twills easily on the counterbalance loom by tying 2 heddles each to the first 4 treadles and treadling with my left foot only.  So my plans for some clever-patterned bamboo scarves have been put on hold for at least a few more weeks.

Sorry, Macomber. Enjoy your rest! (This is my second entry into Carmi’s challenge this week.)

2 comments to Macomber At Rest

  • mary mancuso

    Sorry to bother you but in searching for info on looms your the first to pop up I have a 36 inch 8 harness loom that I cannot seem to find a makers mark on and I want to sell can you recommend anyone that I can send photos to that can help me

    • Peg Cherre

      Hi, Mary.

      I have two immediate suggestions – First, go online and get the contact for the weavers guild in your area. I bet if give them a phone call and describe the loom to someone knowledgeable, they’ll be able to tell you. And someone from your area may be willing to stop by for a visual if they can’t get it from a verbal description. Next, you can always join — the people on their forum have offered me some really great advice. You could also try – they can perhaps point you in the right direction.

      I’ll email you directly to see if I can be of further assistance.

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