Reds & Purples – not just for old ladies

As I mentioned in the recent post about the Chino scarves, Tammy’s recent batch of dyeing was remarkably deep and rich in color.

Just like with the Chino, I’d used her Poinsettia colorway before and liked it, but I LOVE the new one. Made from three colors — two reds and a purple — the resulting handwoven rayon chenille scarf is beautiful.
handwoven rayon chenille scarf, poinsettia

I do love both red and purple, and wear them both fairly often. Nope, I’m not a Red Hat Lady. I’ve just always liked bright, rich colors. And Jenny Joseph’s poem that gave rise to these groups around the world. But I’ve liked both the colors and the poem for decades, long before I was old enough to qualify as an old lady. I distinctly remember being in my 20s when someone asked me what my favorite color was, and when I answered “red,” they told me it couldn’t be. Something about my personality made them think that red couldn’t be my favorite color. But it was. I wore it often then, and still do. Ditto purple.

(As planned, I did get these handwoven rayon chenille scarves up on my website before I wrote this post.)

Your turn: what colors do you find yourself wearing often?

4 comments to Reds & Purples – not just for old ladies

  • Alienor

    Bright saturated red like fire-red, royal blue, and, since I’m dyeing my own handspun yarn, also bright orange, pink and purple and a deep violet.
    And I celebrated my 50th birthday last month – and my clothes are as colourful as before.
    I don’t see any reason to “tone down”. *ggg*

  • Lovely scarves and the only thing wrong is we can’t touch them!

    I seem to be in a red phase right now…I’m drawn to wearing more of it and I wish I knew why! The previous phase was purples and mauves so a bit of a sharp turn !
    But since Red Hat Ladies seem to put them both together, maybe I’m channelling my inner red hat gal?

    Nice blog…

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks for your comments, Alienor & Susan! I’m also glad that you included your blog addy, Susan, so I can both visit now & add you to my list of weaving sites!

  • Ah.. purple. It took a close friend to suggest it to me – that the colour would suit me well.
    I tried it – and fell in love with it.

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