Phoebe Finds A Home

Every year I have phoebes build nests under my porch. I rather like to watch their active bug-catching, and I don’t think my usual outdoor activity bothers them too much.

This year is a bit different. For reasons better left unenumerated, I hadn’t yet taken down my holiday wreath, which hangs on the outside of my basement door. About 10 days ago I noticed that when I opened the basement door to exit my house, a phoebe was often flitting away in a hurry. At first I figured she just chose a place a bit too close to the door for her comfort. It took a few days for me to realize that the place was in my wreath!

phoebe nest in wreath
Can you see her?

No? Try this one…
phoebe nest

Still can’t pick her out? You’re sure to see her little profile in this one.phoebe nest closeup

Needless to say, I’m now doing my best to go in and out using a different door, till Mama Phoebe raises this clutch of young. After they’ve flown the coop, I’ll remove the wreath and she’ll need to build a new nest if she wants a second hatch this year.

Your turn: what’s hatching near you? Also, play along with Carmi’s game – this week’s theme is spring has sprung.

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