Mimosa memories

My only experience with mimosas is the drink made from orange juice & champagne. In other parts of the world mimosas are beautiful wildflowers like the above photo. Similar to native plants in many places, mimosas are apparently disappearing from the wild. So JK wanted to capture one of the joys of her childhood […]

Obstructing the view

My realtor strongly suggested I make some improvements to the house in order to get offers quickly. So I am.

I’ve lived with my front porch for 1/4 century with no railings. I love it like this — the view is great, and I simply don’t worry about the fact that much of it […]

Playing with pockets

When I do a show, it’s important (to me, at least) that I have something small, something that doesn’t cost a lot and that people can pick up at the checkout stand. My bookmarks are a must-have for that purpose. I’ve made mug rugs before and may make some again, but the ones I’ve […]

Feathers, fishers & fibers

This time of year I find my morning walks particularly enjoyable, listening to the ‘dawn chorus’ and doing my best to identify each new bird that arrives. Yesterday I heard my first rufous-sided towhees of the season, with their easily-identifiable “drink your tea” song. (Apparently their official name has been changed to Eastern towhee, but […]

Boys & Girls Together

The title of this post does not refer to the book by William Goldman.

Nor is it about the song by the Mamas and the Papas

You guessed it — it’s about weaving! Specifically, weaving baby wraps.

Although there is some similarity in the colors the moms choose, each new baby wrap […]