Playing with pockets

red & orange doubleweave pocket warp

When I do a show, it’s important (to me, at least) that I have something small, something that doesn’t cost a lot and that people can pick up at the checkout stand. My bookmarks are a must-have for that purpose. I’ve made mug rugs before and may make some again, but the ones I’ve made haven’t ‘sent’ me so I didn’t want to do them right now.

I’ve had an idea in my mind for a few months. I finally made the time to try it. I’m going to weave little tubes that I’ll fashion into pockets. I may call them treasure pouches…or something else entirely. I can imagine suggesting that they’re used to hold a tooth and the subsequent tooth fairy reward, or to present a small charm or similar to someone, or something I’ll come up with when I see the finished product.

Which, of course, may not work as planned. 🙂

So I wound a warp of 160 threads, half red & half orange. I’m going to sett them at 40 ends per inch on my counterbalance loom and treadle for doubleweave, which will end up at 20 ends per inch. Will that be enough? Too much? Can’t tell yet. Is 4″ wide the right size? Don’t know yet. Will I like them or hate them? Time will tell.

The good news is that it won’t take long to know if this is something I’ll follow through on or if I’ll cut that warp off and trash it. And that it’s just cotton so not a big loss if I choose the second option.

3 comments to Playing with pockets

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  • I’d love to buy a pouch from you that you made…

    Please keep in touch if you decide to make smaller items that I could afford; I would love to support your efforts.

    Your home is so neat, I love the picture of your railing-less porch.

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks so much, Lynda!

      If they work, I’ll post them on my blog, Lynda. I’ve woven a few, and learned that one thing that was in my head doesn’t work in real life. Nothing off the loom & wet finished or sewn/finished yet. Sty tuned….

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