Boys & Girls Together

The title of this post does not refer to the book by William Goldman.

Nor is it about the song by the Mamas and the Papas

You guessed it — it’s about weaving! Specifically, weaving baby wraps.
beaming MG & TA's wraps

Although there is some similarity in the colors the moms choose, each new baby wrap warp brings variations in color. Going from pink to blue with purple in the middle, this wrap will work great for both boys and girls. The colors are bright and deep, pulling the eye across the width. I think I’m in love with the blue on the far right in the photo. It’s bright, but has some subtlety to it, a hint of purple, maybe a touch of gray. Maurice Brassard, the supplier for all the cotton for my wraps, simply calls it bleu.

This wrap is for MG & TA. M will have a black tencel weft, T a navy tencel. The photos probably won’t show the difference well.

Speaking of wraps with similar wefts, here’s the parting shot of WL & JC’s wraps. The black cotton is on the left, the black silk on the right. You can see the cotton is both brighter and more dense.

WL & JC's wraps, rolled

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