Best Laid Plans

Surely you learned about the poet Robert Burns in school. Those plans ‘gang aft agley.’ Once again, my plans went awry.

After finishing that last post I went first to my notes and computer, writing down how many threads of each color I needed to measure in what order for that first baby wrap.

weaving draft for Meghan's baby wrap
Now to that big box of luscious-colored yarn to pull out the four colors I needed. Here’s the dark mauve, the pale mauve, and the dark pink, but where’s the fuchsia? Go through the box again. Check out the invoice. Go back to my order. Take out all the cones of yarn and put them in the order they’re in on the invoice. Count the cones on the invoice and the cones on the order.

POOP!! There’s a mistake and I’m missing the 3 cones of fuchsia! I ordered it, was invoiced for it, but didn’t receive it. A phone call to the friendly customer service rep confirmed that they’d made an order and would send me out the missing yarn, but that meant I had to wait.

Despite what everyone who sees me weaving in a demo at a show says, I don’t think I’m a patient person. I’m definitely bad at waiting.

No control, no choice.

The good news is that after pouting a bit and notifying my first few customers that this would delay orders by a week, I found something good to do with my time. I started writing the narrative for a grant application that’s due in 2 weeks.

Remember that community weaving project? I’m planning a modification of it, working with my local library and elementary school. I have no idea if I’ll get funded, but I surely won’t if I don’t get it written and submitted! I made a good start on it that day, and I’ll work on it more tomorrow, hopefully getting it finished in the next few days so that once that yarn arrives the application will already by submitted.

That’s the plan, at least. 😉

2 comments to Best Laid Plans

  • Alma

    Poopy on the mis-order. It’s awful to have to wait when you’re “in the mood!”

    Best of luck on the grant though. I knew from looking at that community project that it would be just the beginning to great things!

    • Peg Cherre

      Expanding on the concept and writing a grant was in the back of my mind from the beginning. Only time will tell if I’m funded — and if I’m happy with that, whichever way it works out! 🙂

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