On making mistakes and not

Meghan's heddles threaded

It took FOREVER to beam the warp for Meghan’s baby wrap. Honestly, although I said I was going to keep track of the time spent, I stopped doing so after 3 1/2 hours when I felt very far from the end of the beaming process. I kept being interrupted – by phone calls, by needing to make soup, to rest my body, to refill my patience store – but I know I spent at least another 3 hours, probably quite a bit more.

I also know that I made some mistakes in my process (like compressing the threads in the raddle to 40 EPI so I could use my favorite lease sticks) that I will correct next time. So I’m writing the beaming down on my paper as 6+ hours.

The next step was threading 940 heddles. Honestly, I used to dislike this step of the weaving process but I don’t now. After the challenging of beaming, I was actually looking forward to something that was merely tedious & time consuming, something that wouldn’t challenge my brain or my body.

I got all heddles threaded, hopefully without error, in 4 hours. I’m doing a simple point twill threading, so after each group of 14 threads (threaded 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5-6-7) I checked the threading of that group before tying my slip knot and proceeding. It’s not guaranteed that I have no heddle threading errors, but it’s not overly likely. If I can be as careful in threading the reed (where I usually make my errors), it’ll be good.

I’d LOVE to get the loom all threaded, tied up, and the header woven before the day’s out. That’s when I’ll know for sure if I’ve got any threading errors. I know moms are waiting to see how this warp progresses, too, since this is the first of several orders I have for baby wraps.

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