Sample Wrap #2

second sample baby wrap

I finished sample wrap #2 and got it off in the mail. The first tester mom should have received it today. I’m anxious to know if this one is thin enough or if I need to reduce the ends and picks per inch further. I have enough warp on the loom waiting to weave a second wrap, either at the 26 EPI (33 on the selvedges) of this one or something else, based on the feedback I’ll get from my three ever-helpful testing moms.

The picture above shows the difference in appearance between the two sides of the wrap. Below you can see that I wove the ends in a zigzag, 10″ at each end.

end design of wrap

Since I got the wrap done and in the mail a few days ago, I decided I had plenty of time to make some Christmas presents. Can’t show them to you now, of course…wait a bit and you’ll get to see them all.

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