More Bamboo Scarves

I’m keeping my promise to batch up the recent scarves I’ve woven instead of doing a separate post for each.

gray handwoven bamboo scarves

This color of 100% bamboo yarn is called Cloud.  And these scarves are as soft as clouds.  The silkiness and drape of bamboo, combined with the fact that it’s eco-friendly, make handwoven bamboo scarves a real hit.  These three scarves were woven on the same warp.  The top two are similar patterns of interlocking circles, the bottom is a rather random twill.

honey handwoven bamboo scarves

I really love this Honey color.  It’s bright and sunny while still being neutral and having a classic look.  I designed these scarves on my Fiberworks Bronze software.  I like its design capabilities, and can’t wait for it to come out in Mac version, which will make my life easier.

rice handwoven bamboo scarves

Ahhh, Rice.  Another really beautiful neutral.  I wish I’d had another scarf on this warp.  Actually, there were three, but the third has a navy blue weft and just doesn’t belong in this picture.  I prefer the complex twill on the left, Margaret likes the more simple pattern on the left.

New York handwoven bamboo log cabin scarves

Here are two more log cabin weaves.  Above are scarves woven with black bamboo and variegated hand painted purple in a bamboo-cotton blend called New York.  The scarves below are navy bamboo and variegated hand painted blue-green Egyptian cotton called Magic Kingdom.  I am really surprised at how differently these scarves feel and drape with their different fiber blends.

Magic Kingdom handwoven bamboo log cabin scarves

Your turn – which ones are your favorites?

1 comment to More Bamboo Scarves

  • The interlocking circles in the first picture with the bamboo Cloud yarn are my favorites. I know it’s been a few years since you posted this but I couldn’t resist saying how gorgeous I find your work and this post just brings back to me some of the magnificent items you have showcased over the years.

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