I must be crazy

stunning double sided scarf

I am a really regular reader, if not poster, on Weavolution. There was recently a post of this truly stunning double-sided scarf, woven by Weavin Steven. The scarf was inspired by a Handwoven article from a few years ago called Homage to Frank Lloyd Wright.

I fell in love with this gorgeous scarf – its colors and the geometry of it all – and decided now was the time for me to do my own interpretation of a Frank Lloyd Wright design. I’d do my scarf in rayon chenille, in clasped weft.

So I started with an online search of Wright’s stained glass window designs. There are MANY windows, most of which are known for their very small sections and their diagonal lines. Neither of those would make me happy in clasped weft, so I finally settled on this design because of its use of color.

FLW window, maybe

Somehow I got to a page that told me this was a window in the Dana-Thomas house, but when I went back in I couldn’t seem to find that page again, so it may be wrong. There are about a zillion FLW knockoffs, designs inspired by the man but not his designs. I’m guessing now that this is one of them. In any case, it’s the design I decided to use, since I have rayon chenille in most of those colors and thought it would be a good one to use.


FLW scarf on my loom

It means using 4, 5, or even 6 mini-shuttles of yarn at once! INSANELY slow! And I’m not at all sure I’ll have my desired effect when it’s all done and wet finished. Sigh.

Why didn’t I choose something much simpler, like this design?

FLW tree of life window, maybe

Again, I’m not at all sure if this is one of Wright’s actual Tree of Life windows or an interpretation, but come on, it’s only 3 colors, and I could have interpreted those few diagonal lines as horizontal ones in my weaving! Sigh again.

Unrelated, I tried a new recipe the other day and I’m absolutely recommending it. Here’s how it started out.

freshly dug carrots

I dug these carrots from my garden just moments before I wanted to start the soup. FYI this was more than twice as many carrots as I needed, so the rest just got cleaned and went in my frig for raw crunching.

Here’s how the dish ended up looking.

carrot soup with carrot top pesto

Carrot soup with carrot top pesto. OMG I LOVED it! I do have to say that an immersion blender would make the pureeing of the soup much easier, and that my food processor refused to do a good job of combining the pesto ingredients into a smooth paste because of the small amount of it, but I didn’t care. I have a little left that will be my dinner tonight, and I’m looking forward to it.

10 comments to I must be crazy

  • Good luck with the scarf Peg, I couldn’t, wouldn’t do it, but I’m betting yours will be lovely. The pants look great BTW, Did you wear them out?
    Still in the throes and thank you for the kind words and prayers. I’ll catch up with everything on the other side of all this sadness.

    • Peg Cherre

      Theresa – I’ve now worn the pants twice! Yay! I think of you often, and send supportive thoughts your way.

  • Alma

    By the way – the scarf you showed is gorgeous!

  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks, Perry. I try to avoid making carrot cake or similar sweets – because I’d eat them all! Hope the scarf works out.

    Tom – I find inspiration in many places. I’m not at all sure this scarf will work, but if not, I do plan to do it in a tapestry (makes much more sense to me), and to try a simpler design for weaving…also maybe doubleweave instead of clasped weft.

  • Tom Z

    Peg, I love your idea about imitating the stained glass windows. For a newbie, it’s hard to find unique inspiration. It’s always something someone else has done. Just repeat like a parrot and make the cloth. This is a great idea. I’m gonna have to start looking more closely at glass work!

    Soup looks and sounds delicious! Another unique idea!

  • Perry

    delicious soup. make some carrot cake too!. looking forward to seeing the finished scarf.

  • Judy T

    Thanks Peg! Yummy indeed!

  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks, Alma. I’ll take that immersion blender next time I see you.

    Judy – I linked to the recipe in the blog post.

  • Judy T

    Peg – I’ve always loved FLW’s window designs and tree of life is one of my favorites. Good luck in working out your new masterpieces. Your soup looks so yummy! Recipe please…

  • Alma

    Carrot top pesto – I love this idea!!
    ginger in the soup and a dollop of yogurt on top would be my only twp suggestions,

    I have a used Braun immersion blender for you!!

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