Woven Skyline

I’m going to start by saying that I am happy with this clasped weft scarf, but not happy enough to send it to the Roycroft jury. I plan to make another, going even slower and more carefully. I do think it’s a great concept, and I am definitely not done with clasped weft. (I wove […]

Clasping Rainbows

At this time of year I am thinking about 2014, about the shows I’ll apply to and the work I’ll submit with my applications. Most shows want images from the last two years, so I don’t HAVE to take new photos this year for most shows, but I still want to get some new ones.


More of this and more of that

I’m still weaving with rayon chenille. I love it for the wintertime, and so do my customers. Since all the rest of my shows will be in the cool or cold weather, I thought I really needed to beef up my stock in this area.

I used Tammy’s gorgeous Ocean Waves to weave three scarves. […]

New weaving technique

I love learning new things and using new-to-me techniques. It was well over two years ago that I read the Dust Bunnies blog when Ngaire used a clasped weft technique to create a to-die-for scarf. Never heard of the technique, couldn’t imagine how it worked, so let it go.

More than a year later […]