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Handwoven magazine article

Does the scarf in that spread look familiar? It’s my cityscape scarf, published in the new Handwoven magazine. This article was 11 months in the making, from me watching a webinar on how to submit to the magazine, to having the scarf accepted as a concept, to having it published. In between, the USPS lost the scarf in the mail for a month, making me crazy. But it all worked out in the end. If you can’t bear not reading it, here’s a PDF of the article.

I also just got notice of my acceptance in this year’s Clothesline Festival. Now that I live in Rochester I wanted to get into this well-respected show, so was holding my breath that I’d be accepted. I think this will be a predominantly new audience for me. You can get details on this and the other shows I’ll be doing this year on my website.

A few weeks ago I showed you a braided twill scarf on the loom. It took a while for me to get them fringed, wet finished, pressed, and photographed, but here you go.

3 braided twill hand painted scarves

I thought I’d done a better job of color changes on this warp…they’re still too long. And that pink is garish. Sigh.

Anyway, from left to right the weft colors are red-purple, medium blue, and forest green. The blue is by far my favorite of the three. The close ups of these scarves, showing the front and back of each, are pretty dramatic.

HP braided twill purple, close

HP braided twill blue, close

HP braided twill green, close

I also finished the baby blankets. Although I’ve previously done a polyester satin binding because I know babies like that smooth & silky feel, I’ve been told by others that it can tend to reduce the perceived value of a handwoven baby blanket. So this time I used a cotton weft for a rolled hem, putting a ‘tag’ made of that binding material at each corner for baby’s fingers to grab and rub.

cotton flannel baby blanket

Closing with color….here are the appetizers I made for my daughter’s Memorial Day party. Green & red peppers topped with a ‘stuffing’ of neufchatel cheese, lemon juice & lemon zest, black pepper, & almond meal, finished with toasted slivered almonds.

pepper cream cheese appetizers

8 comments to Going public

  • Alma

    Special congratulations!! Your work has not only been recognized, but it has also been published!! Great work, Peg!

    Your acceptance to the Clothesline Festival was only a matter of time, and I’m glad that time has come. This is the one on the grounds of the art museum, isn’t it? A whole upper class type of arty folk, I think.

    The baby blanket is still a favorite.

    And the colored peppers – save me a bunch – they look delicious. A special recipe for the filling?

  • Oh CONGRATULATIONS! I will have to pick up the copy for sure.
    The Clothesline Festival sounds wonderful.
    Peppers look yummy. I’m betting that filling is good on many a veggie.
    Interesting on the binding. I wouldn’t have thought that. I would think the binding would help it keep its shape also. I suppose using a linen binding would defeat the purpose of a smooth binding, but putting tags in the corners for baby is brilliant!

  • Judy T

    How VERY exciting Peg! A huge CONGRATULATIONS to you!!! The cityscape scarf is really quite amazing and I’m so happy you were published with it. Unfortunately, my old eyes can’t read the print in your magazine photo and I’d love to read your article. Please share it with me when you come next.

  • Perry

    Congratulations Peg!
    This was such a happy post.

  • Peg Cherre

    Alma – Thanks. The Clothesline Festival is, indeed on the grounds of the Memorial Art Gallery. Here’s the basic recipe I used, although I made some modifications.

    Theresa – Thanks. The binding is a tough issue, for sure.

    Judy – I’ve made a PDF of the article, so I think you can make it big enough to read, although it might be a tad fuzzy. Go back to the post and click on the link to get the jpg.

    Perry – Thanks.

  • Hi Peg,

    Congratulations! Your Cityscape scarf is absolutely amazing. It is cool that the blog has inspired you; I know that I get inspired by other blogs too!


    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks, Ngaire. I read your blog all the time, and am often inspired by your work, sometimes by a particular piece, sometimes to stretch myself with colors and/or designs, sometimes just to get back to work! 😉

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