Lost again…117/1,476

I got lost in the process again. This time the process was importing all my CDs into my computer so that I can listen to them via Sonos.

From Thursday afternoon to this Saturday afternoon I imported 117 albums (1,476 songs). Whew! Sounds like a crazy amount, doesn’t it? (No, I didn’t have to count them, iTunes gave me those numbers.) There were probably 3 dozen CDs I never listened to and didn’t import, but I couldn’t not import any of the others. When I got near the end I got a little scared — how much room was this taking up on my computer? As it turns out, only about 11GB of my 250GB space. My photos take up 48GB. I really need to spend time cleaning them out…I have multiple copies of many images, and sure don’t need to save them. But not today. I’ll get lost in that process some other time.

I need to get back to the loom. I haven’t been able to weave as much as I’d like over the past 2 days, partly due to all that importing, partly because Jack has needed to sit close to me, which often meant under the loom, so moving jacks (part of the loom that goes up & down) were dangerous to canine Jack.

Why did Jack need to be close? I had roofers here for those 2 days plus a bit more. It was simply time to replace the roof. I gave MUCH thought to both the contractor I’d use and the color of the shingles. In the end, I am VERY happy with both my decisions. I absolutely recommend 5 Star Home Improvements to anyone in the Rochester region. The roofing crew was not only very good at their jobs, they were polite, professional, and personable. So here’s a before photo, with the roof pretty uniformly gray.

roof just begun

And an after with several colors (the photo of my crabtree shows the colors better).

roof almost done

My house is such an odd shade of green that I didn’t like how much other than black looked with it. In the end I chose the somewhat uncommon Aged Copper shingle color. Grays, browns, and greens interplay across the roof, and all colors are just right for my pea-soup-green siding.

I also managed to get two decent garden shots before the rain started.

my flowering crabtree

my crab’s maiden year

parrot & angelique tulips

parrot & angelique tulips

Back to Jack briefly – my dog, not my loom parts. Having roofers at my house for a few days was a good thing for Jack. The first afternoon that they were here working Jack was very upset. Lots of barking and hiding. On day 2 (a full day) I could easily quiet him, minimal barking with his tail wagging as he vocalized. On day 3 (morning only) he was pretty calm. Still needed to bark a bit, but could also sleep. Although he didn’t want to get close to any of them, he learned that, as I told him repeatedly, it was loud and annoying but not scary or hurtful. Wish he’d translate this learning to other situations, but I think Jack approaches every situation fresh. He didn’t get used to my friend’s husband for the 5 days we were at their house on my mini-vacation. Sigh. Jack is who he is, just as I am who I am. We deal with each other and the world as best we can. The good news is that the golden paste, maybe in combination with the reiki, seems to be working. This morning Jack demanded that we walk around 2 blocks instead of just one.

Parting shot: I can now hang my clothes out! I’m happy with my Minky retractable clothesline; I got the double one.

laundry on the line

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