Birds & Rainbows Fly Away

Laura Fry a the biggest proponent I know of wet finishing handwovens. She has literally written the book about it. All of her knowledge and reasons for doing so are right and true.

For me, the hard press on the last baby wrap was important for a reason in addition to setting the fibers. I found two problemmatic warp threads during the hard press that I hadn’t seen either on the loom or during my post-loom inspection. This gave me a chance to fix them before I mailed the wrap off. Whew!

I know that both NS & HM are really eager to see their finished wraps, even if it will be another 48 hours before they have them in their hands, so here goes.

NS was the warp designer and I wove her baby wrap first, with the marine weft. She knows that I had some hesitancy about the design, but I WAS WRONG! This is beautiful.

NS wrap rolled

I know – that’s really a tease. 😉 You can’t appreciate it rolled up. Here it is flat so you can see the entire width.

NS wrap, flat

And here’s a shot where you can see both sides of the baby wrap. They’re really not tons different.

NS wrap - both sides

When I got N’s done I set to work on the sister wrap for HM. You remember – she chose a pale green weft. Her wrap looks very different on the two sides. To be honest, I can’t decide which I like better, and just had to pick one for the hemming and mandatory labeling.

HM wrap - both sides

Here’s H’s flat so you can see the entire width.

HM wrap, flat

And H’s rolled.
HM wrap rolled

Now for a few comparison shots. I think pictures like this help people understand the major difference that weft color can have on a warp. The way colors interact have such a dramatic impact.
two wraps from the top

And here they are from the side.
two wraps from the side

I’ve got the custom scarf order on the loom, and expect I’ll get both scarves on this warp woven tomorrow. Then I can get started on the next two baby wraps. 🙂

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