Understanding Triangle

I remember learning about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in school. I understood the implications for worker safety and owner greed, especially those locked doors, but I didn’t – I couldn’t – understand how cloth was so flammable.

Then I started weaving. While all weaving makes dust, weaving 15 yard warps of soft cotton for […]

So Different

I’ve finished weaving NS’s baby wrap and started on her friend HM’s. The marine weft and the pale green weft look so different, as I knew they would.

At first I wasn’t sure how I liked the pale green, but it’s definitely growing on me. Usually I like the ‘front’ of the baby wrap […]

Birds & a Rainbow

Inspiration for NS’s custom baby wrap came from nature – a rainbow and birds. I measured out the warp for the rainbow section first.

Then I started measuring the color bars that will be the majority of this wrap.

I was quite curious as to how this would all come together on the […]

2 Out, 2 Up

This afternoon I did the hard press on EJs wraps, then sewed in the required labels. The weather was perfect – sunny and warm after MONTHS of extreme cold. So I took the wraps outside to photograph them in natural light before I bundled them off to the post office.

Here are the wraps […]

Pretty as a Peacock

EJ’s first weft was natural, her second is peacock. I love the way the peacock works with each of the colors across this warp.

Here’s the right side.

And the center section.

And the left section.

I find it interesting that with the natural weft, both in person and in the photo, […]