Pretty as a Peacock

EJ’s first weft was natural, her second is peacock. I love the way the peacock works with each of the colors across this warp.

Here’s the right side.
EJ peacock right side

And the center section.
EJ peacock weft, center

And the left section.
EJ's peacock weft, left

I find it interesting that with the natural weft, both in person and in the photo, I can’t see the difference between the last two sections to the left, but I can with the peacock weft. No clue why that is.

Remember that deer standing on his hind legs to reach the fruit on my crabtree? Well, the family was back yesterday – 7 of them this time. No one had to do a balancing act to reach the crabs, and they could still reach higher than before. That snow is just never-ending, along with the really cold temps.
deer at crabtree

We’re all eager for a bit of warmth.

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