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The other day I enjoyed about 1/2 hour of watching a group of six deer calmly munching their way around my yard.

My crab tree, which retained a lot of fruit, was a particular favorite.
2 deer at crabtree

These two spent some time there. Then one wandered away and the deer that was left decided to spend quite a bit of time on his hind legs getting the higher apples. I’m guessing it was a male, since they get some practice on their hind legs during mating season. I could be completely wrong about that.
deer on hind legs at tree

Then when all six moved down to a lower section of the yard, one deer – I’m assuming it was the same one as above – decided to reach for the higher crabs on that tree, too.
five deer munching

Me moving around in the house and snapping photos didn’t seem to bother them. Until they were almost ready to move on anyway. Then one decided to spend some time looking at me.
who's watching who?

What a beautiful face!

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  • Vicki S

    LOVE the deer photos…all I saw around our house were the tracks…kept missing seeing the deer. No crabs at our house to munch…just shrubs and Dan has those enclosed with fence…so they moved on. Birds however are busily eating at the feeders!

    • Peg Cherre

      I consider myself very fortunate to have gotten to watch these…one happened to cross my line of vision so I stood up and saw that there were 6! I stopped what I was doing and just watched them. Amazingly, I get a very small amount of deer damage to my gardens, so I don’t bother wrapping or fencing anything — lucky me!

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