They picked ME!

I just received official notification – my application for an Artist in the Community grant was selected for funding!

I am amazed! And a bit in shock. And scared – can I really do what I proposed? Will it take an ungodly amount of hours to accomplish? What will I have to forgo to be successful at this?


I’ve already sent out email notifications to the people who agreed to partner with me – the elementary art teacher and the local library board – to let them know so we can begin planning in earnest.

Here’s the shortest synopsis that explains that plan: About 160 kids in grades 3-5 will each weave a small square (about 3″) on an individual loom. Then, I’ll set up a larger loom (about 2′ x 3′) at each of 3 community concerts, with musical groups in 3 different genres. People attending the concert will be invited to weave. We’ll see if the musical genre impacts the colors and/or type of weaving people do. After all that, I’ll weave or sew students’ squares into borders for the larger pieces. All will then be in a semi-permanent installation outside the library.

Whew! Does that sound ambitious or what?!

Incidentally, the community weaving project from Angelica this past summer made it to my house a few weeks ago. They needed to take it down from the storefont and I was happy to hang it on my porch. I think it looks great. (Not a good photo. I’ll try again on a cloudy day.)
weaving at home

7 comments to They picked ME!

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  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks, Alma & Vicki. I’m excited too – and planning is starting in earnest now! 🙂

  • Vicki S

    I ditto all of the above! How cool! And I love the weaving on your porch!

  • Alma

    I am SOOOOO excited for you. This was a wonderful project, and I’ve seen it as the beginning of great things from the beginning. More power to you!!

    BTW – Judy’s right – the original piece looks GREAT on your porch!!

  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks, Judy & Ellie! I’m still scared/anxious, and probably will be for a while. I think it’s a good thing I decided to drop one of my shows this year, and although I had planned to apply to another to replace it, I now think I’ll just let it rest and do one less show.

  • Ellie

    What a fabulous concept! Ofcourse they picked you! Such an interesting way to involve the community. Love the idea of music and weaving plus inspiration. Sounds like a lot of work and a lot of fun. Congratulations!

  • Judy T

    WOW!!!!! A huge congratulations Peg!!!! I can totally see why they chose you… how creative and energetic of an idea… the project will give so many more a taste of weaving and what it’s like. I know that you’ll be able to accomplish it and that even though it’ll be lots of work, it’ll be super exciting to watch it progress and come together. I guess a side note of this cool project is that you get to make sure you get to some good concerts this year : )

    ps… your last community project does look VERY wonderful hanging on your porch with the sun hitting it!

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