I’ve got the blues

And the pinks and the purples. 🙂

I have the first of the two wraps on this warp woven…the one with the natural weft. I couldn’t get one picture to show it to you, so went for three sections.

Here’s the right side of the loom – darker to lighter blues/turquoises.
EJ's wrap, right side

Then the center – the blues into the pinks.
the center of EJ's wrap

And the left side – pinks to purples.
EJ's wrap, left side

Funny that it never struck me until I was getting ready to post these pictures that my weaving brain always thinks about weaving from right to left, the opposite of everything else in life. I believe it’s because of how weaving drafts are written in this country…you read the draft and thread from the right side of the loom to the left. So if you’re not a weaver, just play along.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll start on the peacock weft. It will make this warp look entirely different, and I’m anxious to see it. I have a few other commitments tomorrow so probably won’t get it all woven, but I’ll get a bunch done.

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