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Chautauqua booth, July 18

I arrived back home about 10:15 last night. By the time I (mostly) emptied the van, walked Jack, and took a shower, I was about ready to drop. Both set up and tear down are bears, and this weekend’s heat and humidity had everyone just dripping.

But I will do this show every year, if they let me. The grounds are beautiful, the show staff & volunteers can’t be beat, the customers are pleasant and generous, I have a wonderful space under the trees, what more can you ask for? (Go visit their website now. I think they change the pictures fairly frequently, but I’m in the header right now. Yay!)

A woman spent a fair amount of time talking to me about my little RH loom, and about her photography hobby. She asked if she could take my photo, and sent me 4. I’m posting this one because I simply can’t imagine why I was making that weird face. She also sent some nice ones, but why share them? 😉

funny face me

I returned the rental van, put almost everything away, and got all my computer entries done. I know you’ll be shocked when I tell you that despite my ‘must use stash’ mantra, I ordered 6 pounds of undyed tencel yarn. My handpainted scarves and shawls were big hits, comprising over half of my sales. I don’t know what percentage of my products are handpainted, but I think it’s less than half.

I doubt that my sales experience matches anyone else’s, but just in case this info is helpful, almost 40% of my scarf sales were cowls, and 30% of my shawls were mobius wraps. Don’t know that I’ll have time to make more of either in the next few weeks.

Before my next show, at the end of August, I have only a few ‘must makes’ in my head. I sold all 3 of the black & white shawls that I’d painted, 1 of the 2 black & white scarves, and 1 of the 2 cowls. So I AM going to paint more black for both shawls and scarves.

If time permits without making me crazy, I’ll weave a bunch of towels, as I sold 10 this weekend. Rather unusual for me, so my stock is quite low and I’d like to have more for the next show.

I also only have 4 bookmarks left, but they are last on the totem pole. Maybe I’ll weave more, maybe not.

I’m watching my grands all day tomorrow, but I think I’ll measure out some bouts for dyeing tonight and/or tomorrow night. Then maybe dye on Wednesday. While that’s processing I’ll work on the transparency, which I am enjoying and am eager to see off the loom. That’s so slow, it may well still be on the counterbalance loom when I have the black & whites ready to go.

7 comments to Home again, home again, jiggity jig

  • Alma

    I had dinner with Jean tonight – she sure speaks your language – how many harnesses, stuff like that. I told her I speak knitting, not weaving. She wonders when she can meet you, too. I told her you were at Chautauqua, and she liked that idea. Is it Elmwood that’s coming up? I’ve saved the fact that you are Roycroft-ed for another converation!

  • Jennifer P.

    Very happy your hard work yielded positive results. Booth looks beautiful. Love your outfit at the rigid hoddle! Such a lovely face.

  • Alma

    You are in the header, and they show some very nice pieces. I especially like the dark blue, and the final one – blues and tans. Dramatic, both of them!

  • Alma

    Wowee – How nice to see this picture of you. I met a brand new resident today – she is a knitter, crocheter, and was a weaver at Genesee Country Village. Her 3 looms are a shop now, hoping to be sold. When I told her about you and your looms she was excited.

    It’s terrific that you such good Chautauqua experiences. It is a LOVELY place to be. I’m glad to hear that your items went well; it sounds as if your next weeks will be busy to be ready for the next show!

    Talk to you soon!!

    • Peg Cherre

      I’ll be happy to meet your new neighbor next time I come! Maybe we can all have lunch, or play cards, or whatever pleases you.

  • Well congratulations! And I think the pic is fantastic! Love the little loom and your tent of scarves and such. I think cowls are my favorite thing. Scarves are too risky around animals and equipment, plus of course, no fringe required!

    • Peg Cherre

      I really like the cowls, too. Personally, I prefer the short ones, no wrapping needed, at least for this time of year. I had some short and some long, and sold some of each.

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