Sharing my food

I decided not to plant those luscious little Sugar Cube cantaloupes again this year, since last year squirrels or chipmunks munched into them before they were fully ripe for me to pick.

So I put in a few tomatoes (which have really suffered with our lack of rain), a few sweet peppers, some lettuce, beans, Brussels sprouts, English cucumbers, and English peas. This year, for the first time ever, someone (I’m thinking squirrel or chipmunk vs. bird, and the chewed bits are way too high for bunny) has decided that they need the peas more than I do.

critter chewed peas on the vine

I’m okay with sharing my homegrown yummies with the local wildlife, but not when they get the lion’s share and I get very little. So I guess I won’t put in peas next year. Sigh.

Or maybe it’s just that they’ve all discovered that my yard is full of goodies and they’ll eat whatever I plant. Interestingly, my lettuce is left alone, as are my beans. Someone, however (and I’m thinking bunny on this one) is eating the tasty tops of my lovely garden mallow, so I won’t get many flowers from them this year. That’s okay with me. Munch away, little friend. I don’t eat the flowers so you’re welcome to them.

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