Got A Cold – Get Healing Gemstones!

the spring coldIt seems like lots of people get spring colds. I know I’m in the process of fighting one off, my daughter just got over one, and two of my friends have one. (Thanks to Margaret Shulock of Six Chix for use of her wonderful cartoon. Check her site to read about her cold and see more of her work and the five other Chix.) It’s not surprising. At the end of winter, particularly winters as long and cold as the 2008-09 winter was, at least in the northeast, we’re really eager for the warmth of spring days. It doesn’t take much sunshine to draw us outdoors, and after months of temperatures never rising above freezing, 45 degrees seems warm and 50 like a heat wave, so coats & hats often come off before they should.

Now I know that many medical professionals will tell me that my mother wasn’t necessarily right, that I can’t GET a cold from BEING cold, but somehow that doesn’t feel true. I can’t get over many of the things mom taught me. Anyway, it certainly is true that the easiest way to get a cold is from someone who already has one. They cough or sneeze and those airborne germs fly through the air to us. Or, even easier, we shake hands with the person with the cold, or touch the doorknob they just turned, and then touch our faces – eyes, nose, mouth – giving the germs an easy entry into our systems.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how you got the cold, once you’ve got it, you’re sick. You’re coughing, sneezing, and blowing your nose till its pink and raw. Breathing through your mouth is likely to result in chapped lips, a sore throat, and disturbed sleep. If you’re like me, you’re doing lots of things to minimize the cold’s impact on your life; things your mother told you, things your doctor told you, things you heard from your friends. So I’ll drink hot lemon & honey, slather my neck and chest with a menthol vapor rub (both from mom), take zinc, extra Echinacea, and munch raw garlic (friends), get plenty of rest and drink extra fluids (doctor). All those things are commonly known and help.

But gemstones? Can gemstones help you get over your cold? I think they can.

What are your symptoms?

Gems for a cold

Gems for a cold

Bronchitis? Try red jasper, amethyst, and black onyx to heal this infection.

Common cold? Get some fluorite or red coral. Or if you’re lucky enough to have any of these three lovely gems, use yellow topaz, jet, or emeralds.

Watery eyes? Aquamarine and onyx may offer some relief.

Swollen glands? Blue lace agate, topaz, and aquamarine are the gems to try.

Sore throat? Carry amber, blue lace agate, or aquamarine to speed healing.

I’m not suggesting that you stuff your pockets with all of the named gems. That would make your needed naps much less comfortable. Instead, think about what’s your classically weak area, and get some gemstones that are noted for healing that area. If you can strengthen your lungs, or your ears, or whatever, it will be easier for your immune system to step up to the plate for the rest of you. As always, don’t use gemstones in place of other healing remedies, use them to augment your other health care methods.

Contact me and I’ll be happy to work with you and create a talisman just for you. Unfortunately, this isn’t a quick process, and your current cold may be over by the time we’re done, but then you’ll have it for the next time those germs try to move in!

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