Ruth & Sarah Bernhardt

Ruth was a flower lover. Although her garden wasn’t large, she had some beauties in it.

When she died, I went with Margaret, one of my dearest friends, to help her deal with some of her mom’s things. Because I’m an avid gardener, I asked if I could dig up a few divisions from […]

Gavin’s Security Blanket

I just got an order for a custom-made handwoven blanket. Gavin fell in love with a blanket that was his mom’s when she was just a baby. According to Caitlin (mom), the blanket was in perfect condition when she passed it on to her new baby.

Gavin's well-loved blanket

Gavin has loved it well. […]

Focus on the Senses

In addition to weaving, making jewelry, and other assorted interests, I work part-time for Pfeiffer Nature Center. As part of that job, I also write some posts for their nature blog. (Ok, the truth is that I’ve been begging some of our volunteers to write, but at this point I’m writing them all.)

Anyway, I’m […]

Leopardskin Jasper – a Healing Gemstone

I know I’m late, that I should have posted this at least a week ago, but time sure flies these days. Anyway, I promised you a post on the healing qualities of leopardskin jasper since that’s the gemstone in the free earrings in June’s giveaway contest, so here you go.

Before I talk specifically about […]


Jean sent me a post in response to the June contest suggesting that I link to writteninc. Although I wasn’t initially sure, subsequent visits made me certain that I really like this site, so I made a link.

Carmi Levy posts some really interesting photos in his blog. He also encourages lots of interaction. This […]