Leopardskin Jasper – a Healing Gemstone

I know I’m late, that I should have posted this at least a week ago, but time sure flies these days. Anyway, I promised you a post on the healing qualities of leopardskin jasper since that’s the gemstone in the free earrings in June’s giveaway contest, so here you go.

Before I talk specifically about leopardskin, here’s a bit of general jasper information. Jaspers are a form of chalcedony. (Pronounce this word almost however you like – I’ve seen several pronunciation guides that differ on the correct pronunciation. Me, I like KAL seh doh nee). So what’s chalcedony? A type of quartz. Agates are also a form of chalcedony. You can generally tell the difference between a jasper and agate by appearance. Jaspers tend to have less well-defined patterns and are generally opaque. Agates tend to have more regular patterns and be either fully translucent or have translucent bands.

Jasper was a favorite gemstone in the ancient world, and it is often referred to in ancient Hebrew, Assyrian, Persian, and Greek cultures. The ancients believed jaspers had many powers, including bringing rain and healing gynecological problems. I can’t comment on either of those.

Lovely Leopardskin Jasper

Lovely Leopardskin Jasper

Like all jaspers, leopardskin jasper is a good gemstone for bringing contentment into your life. Wear leopardskin when you want to feel more relaxed, or when you feel like to need bring out your compassionate, nurturing side. Leopardskin jasper is also a healing and protective gem.

Some people believe that wearing leopardskin jasper will bring what you want into your life. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I’m guessing that if it is, like many things, you might want to be careful what you wish for. Also, it’s often true that you may consciously think you want one thing, while subconsciously you’re really seeking something completely different.

I have no idea how true this is, even whether or not this is really a legend, but here’s a good story about leopardskin jasper.

No matter what you believe, I think you’ll agree that my little handmade leopardskin jasper and sterling silver earrings are sweet – so enter the June contest and win them, absolutely free. I even pay the shipping charges!

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