Gavin’s Security Blanket

I just got an order for a custom-made handwoven blanket. Gavin fell in love with a blanket that was his mom’s when she was just a baby. According to Caitlin (mom), the blanket was in perfect condition when she passed it on to her new baby.

Gavin's well-loved blanket

Gavin's well-loved blanket

Gavin has loved it well. Perhaps a bit too well. Despite the efforts of mom and grandma, in the two years Gavin has used the lovely handwoven blanket, it’s become a bit, well, sorry looking.

We’ve all had kids who were attached to a particular blanket, stuffed animal, nightlight, or other item. God forbid it should get lost, chewed to bits by Barky, or left in the hotel in Cleveland.

Caitlin can see the handwriting on this particular wall (perhaps even reading it through the blanket), and she’s not waiting for disaster to hit, she’s taking action.

Yarn arrived for the custom security blanket

Yarn arrived for the custom security blanket

We’ve exchanged a series of emails to determine things like size, color, and material for a replacement blanket for little Gavin. I ordered the white and blue cotton yarn, which just arrived, and will weave what I hope Gavin will find an acceptable substitute as quickly as possible. Watch my progress.

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