Talisman Earrings

A good friend asked me to make her a pair of talisman earrings to improve her memory.

I know this woman well so didn’t need to ask too many more questions. I knew that I really needed to focus on memory, but also wanted add other gems for mental functioning.

So I did my research, gathering information about healing gemstones that are good for memory, creativity, and focus, among other qualities. I let it all percolate in my brain.

Talisman Earrings

Talisman Earrings

A few days later I gathered my stones and sat down to the design challenge. I wanted to include several types of stones. Although I want all my talismans to be aesthetically pleasing, that was particularly important because these were earrings – they’d be seen highly visible, not like my healing talisman for my knees that I carry in my pocket, or little Benjamin’s talisman, or even the custom bracelet and necklace talismans I’ve made, since they’re not always seen when they’re worn. Additionally, my friend usually wears only small, simple, monochromatic earrings. How would I incorporate multiple gemstones into small earrings that she’d find wearable? After trying various arrangements, I came up with two options for her; she chose one and I completed the pair.

The talisman gemstone earrings contain petrified wood, carnelian, clear quartz, blue topaz, and rubies. Petrified wood, carnelian, and clear quartz are all memory enhancers. Carnelian, ruby, and blue topaz are all used to stimulate creativity, while clear quartz and ruby improve general brain function. Courage, stress reduction, wisdom, calmness, and clear thinking are a few of the other qualities these healing gems can impact.

My friend’s only had them for a few days so we can’t comment on their effectiveness yet, but she does like the way the look, move, and feel when she’s wearing them.

Contact me if you need a custom talisman, and I’ll be happy to help.

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