The Best Wedding Ever!

My lovely daughter Amanda and her sweetheart Ryan got married in May. It was the best wedding ever! (No, I’m not at all prejudiced. It’s true.)

They had a very simple, sometimes humorous, delightful ceremony at the zoo on Friday night.

On Sunday they had a terrific, delicious, beautiful party in their backyard. Amanda & […]

Russian Sage

Russian sage wasn’t the easiest thing to grow in my garden. No idea why, but it stood still for years before it finally decided to amount to something. I like it for its late summer color and its wispiness. It’s also a favorite of bees – generally big bumblebees this year. I haven’t paid […]

Honeysuckle Vine

My dialup and limited time had caused me to stop visiting Carmi’s site, but I’m getting back in the habit.

His photo theme this week is orange. Although I missed capturing almost all of the July photos this year, I did catch a few good ones.

This honeysuckle vine really draws the hummingbirds to […]

Icy Water

Although we’ve had lots of unseasonably warm weather of late (today’s a notable exception), Carmi’s weekly challenge is to finish out winter. I took this shot a few months ago along the edges of a path I was walking. The way the water had made the waves in the ice, with the sun shining on […]

Spring Trees

It’s taken me several days to see a shot of trees that I wanted to capture for Carmi’s weekly challenge. And still, while this shot looks great in person, it doesn’t work so well on the small screen.

I’ve been really enjoying working in my garden in this (scarily) warm and dry April, and […]