Late Thanksgiving

I’m quite flexible about some things, especially about what day my family celebrates holidays. If it makes life easier for my kids and grandson to get together before or after the ‘official’ day, that’s fine with me. The important part is that we get together and enjoy each other, not that we do it on a specific calendar day.

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday. So on Thursday & Friday I was able to weave those silver striped rayon chenille shawls. Next time I’d make fewer stripes and more silver, but I’m happy with them as they stand.
silver striped handwoven rayon chenille shawl

I also got a warp of three rayon chenille scarves on the loom. This green is so bright it hurts my eyes.
gems & emerald rayon chenille
I hope someone falls in love with it. I guess I shouldn’t worry – the bamboo-cotton scarves I wove with this colorway sold immediately.
gems & emerald bamboo cotton
Still, I’ll be looking for alternate weft colors for the other two scarves.

After working at Pfeiffer Nature Center on Saturday afternoon I headed up to Rochester, driving through dark & snow, to get a few minutes with my sweet, little grandson before he went to bed, then be there with him when he got up on Sunday morning.

Dinner was an organic, free range, local turkey; squash & spinach gratin; mashed potatoes with spicy brown mustard; cranberry orange compote; and an entirely delicious brussel sprout & kale salad, all created by my talented daughter. My job was keeping my grandson entertained while Mama worked her kitchen magic. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it–LOL. We played with balls & a slide, read books, ate snacks, watched the dogs, and generally had a grand time.

Here Rusty’s loving his dog, Baxter. Red wasn’t so happy with this type of exuberance, but Baxter’s more patient. He’s had more practice, plus isn’t an old man like little Red.
Rusty loves Baxter

After that fun Rusty got to try on his new winter boots. They came up to his knees and were so stiff that he walked rather like Frankenstein, but he didn’t mind.

Rusty in boots

Then I drove back home, again through dark & snow, encountering only one kamikaze deer. The family is wonderful, the drive less so. It is, however, a necessary evil so I grit & bear it. No, that’s not a typo. I’m not grinning when I’m driving over hill & dale in the winter. I’m often gritting my teeth and reminding myself to drop my shoulders and relax a bit. But since I’ve not mastered bending the universe to meet my desires, I do what I must.

Your turn: how was your holiday celebration?

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