Back on the stool

weaving stool

Every weaver has to find her own loom seat. What will adjust to the specific height she needs, fit close enough to the breast beam of her specific loom, and support her tush enough that she can sit for long periods without pain.

For me, that’s a stool. A drummer’s stool, to be exact. I found it at a local antique/consignment store. It’s infinitely adjustable for height so it fits both my Macomber and my little counterbalance loom. For the Mac, I screw it up to almost its highest point and it gets close enough to the beam without a problem. For the counterbalance, I can fit a leg between treadles 4 and 5 (the largest space) so I can be close enough, and I screw down the seat to almost its lowest point. I can change the height to make it easier to thread each loom – a different height than for weaving.

Yesterday I wrote out, addressed, stamped & mailed all my Christmas cards, and got them to the post office along with the toys for my new grand-nephew. (I’ve gotta tell you, for some reason that term makes me uncomfortable. Way more than grandma. Is great-nephew more correct? Will it make me feel any better? Is it acceptable if I just call him my nephew from now on, knowing that it’s not really correct? And why does this bother me so?) I also spent time paying all my bills.

I still had time to weave about 50″ on FB’s baby wrap.

Today I went grocery shopping, mixed up a batch of yeasted olive bread with kalamata olives, garlic, and cheese, then wrapped all my gifts going to Rochester on Christmas and put them in shopping bags to carry out to the car easier.

presents wrapped & ready to go

Then I had time to weave more than 75″ — all the way to the end of FB’s wrap! Tomorrow I’ll start on TP’s wrap. With a black cottolin warp, it will look very different from FB’s. I’ll shape & bake the bread, make 1 or 2 salads, and visit with my friend Margaret. I won’t be back to my blog till late Friday or Saturday.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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