10 years & 2 hours

shower drain

At least a decade ago my shower drain started leaking into the basement. When I had some home repair guys here laying tile on my bathroom floor at least 8 years ago I asked them to fix it while they were here. They told me it couldn’t be fixed without removing & replacing the shower stall itself. Not gonna happen. So I simply put a large, old canner on the basement floor under the shower drain and moved on with my life.

Now, since I’m trying to sell my house, this bothers me. I have to hope that no one comes to look at the house shortly after I’ve taken a shower. Not good.

So I decided that I’d call my local plumber/repairman guy. (Different than my local electrician/builder/general-fix-it repairman guy.) If he told me the same thing – that it couldn’t be fixed without removing the shower stall, I’d leave it, but I didn’t think that’d be the answer. Darrel’s a problem solver. A local guy who understands that there’s always a way to fix things.

He came yesterday morning with his son and a man he thought would be helpful. They looked at the drain and immediately said it could be fixed without too much difficulty.

They were right about it’s fixability but wrong about the ease of doing so. Still, including a trip to the store and to one of their homes to get some needed tools, they were done within two hours of initial arrival.

Why did I wait 10 years to get this fixed? I don’t know, but I’m glad it’s done now.

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  • Alma


    This sure sounds like a good guy to know – and what a wonderful result of his efforts!

    Good day!!!

  • How is it that the so-called experts have so much influence? When I moved into my brand new town house 13 years ago, I noticed the light at the front gate wasn’t working. When the builder’s electrician came to fix something else he assured me that it couldn’t be fixed without a lot of digging to repair the cable. I was weeding near there recently when I noticed that there didn’t seem to be a globe in the fitting. There wasn’t, and when I put one there, after removing 13 years of snail poo from the socket, it worked immediately. Maybe my electrician and your home repair guys trained together.
    Glad your shower is fixed

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