3 sisters wrap on loom

Today was a productive day. That always makes me feel good. I got about 50″ woven on FB’s wrap. After the goof with the choke ties and the ensuing beaming difficulty, it was a pleasure to see that the warp is working well.

And now that I had that light bulb go off in my head about how to photograph the underside of the warp, I’m happy to show you both the ‘top’ and the ‘bottom’ of the right-hand side of this warp.

FB's wrap, right side, top

FB's warp, right side, under

Now, for me, 50″ in a day isn’t something to write home about. But that’s not all I got done.

I also got the head of my next-to-last toy knitted – and I’ll knit some more during the next hour or two. I didn’t take any photos, so you may not see it till it’s all done.

I stopped at the library to pick up my next audio book for my book club – Unbroken. Compelling, for sure, but not the easiest thing to hear, or probably read or watch. I thought I’d be there for just a few minutes, but the director asked me to help her with what should have been a simple task but turned ugly and took an hour plus. I left her talking to tech support since the internet had gone down – beyond my ability to resolve, for sure.

Back home, I needed to feel better, so I planned a 6 yard warp for Christmas presents, got it measured, beamed on the counterbalance loom (this is why many weavers have more than one loom), threaded, and about a yard woven. Whew! I’ll probably finish weaving that tomorrow…it goes fast.

I’m getting the Christmas jitters. What haven’t I even thought about? When will I get the rest of the presents made, the grocery shopping & cooking done, the wrapping done, and the little things like stocking stuffers? And I haven’t even started my Christmas cards yet! Can someone push it back a week? Even just a few days? I’d really appreciate it. 😉

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