Good, Oops, Good, Good

As I finished and mailed the wraps for JM & AA, I wanted to get started on the next one. This is actually a 3-wrap warp, with 2 being on the short side (FB & TP) and one quite short for a ring sling (CP).

After setting up for my show on Thursday afternoon I […]

Wrapping it up

On Saturday I got the wraps in the mail to JM & AA. They’ll have them in their hands on Tuesday, able to wrap their little ones in handwoven comfort for the holiday!

AA’s is on the left with a melon weft, JM’s is on the right with chambray.

I’ve also been knitting more […]

Where the Twain Meet

I’m so happy with my second attempt at a rattle for my new little grand-nephew.

This little tweeter is just 3″ high. I used 2 strands of 8/2 cotton and size 1 knitting needles. It may be hard for the baby to hold for a while ‘cuz the toy is very chubby, but he’s […]

Toy Fail

So far I’ve made 7 toys for Christmas. I guess it only makes sense that one would be a real loser. It’s the latest one I made.

I wanted it to be made of cotton so that my new grand-nephew could put it in his mouth, so I used 3 strands of 8/2 cotton […]

Must be Santa

I’ve finished knitting the last of the toys for my grandson. He wanted a teeny, tiny Santa, and this guy isn’t as small as I’d like – about 6″. But I had a hard time finding a Santa pattern I liked so went with this one.

I wish I hadn’t used any eyelash yarn […]