Stripes & Blocks

I decided to weave another tencel 3/1 vs. 1/3 twill, this time with a striped warp. I intended to use 5 different colors in the warp, but when I was measuring it on the warping board I didn’t like it, so changed to just 3 colors.

Here it is on the loom with a medium blue weft, from the top, with the blue blocks showing…
stripes & blocks on loom from the top

…and from the bottom with the colored blocks showing.
stripes & blocks on the loom, from the bottom

Here you can see both sides after wet finishing.
stripes with blue blocks

stripes & blocks with blue weft

I used a navy weft for the second scarf.
stripes & blocks, navy

I decided that was way too dark and needed something much lighter. I tried out a few things that didn’t work with each of the warp colors, then went with pink.

Once again, on the loom this was my favorite; off the loom my least favorite.

stripes & blocks with pink

In addition to changing the weft color I changed the treadling pattern, which was fine. What wasn’t fine was that I had also decided that the first two scarves would be too loosely woven and I needed to pack the weft more tightly. That was a mistake. Not only do the first two scarves have a nicer hand, the packing made my selvedges ugly – although I wasn’t aware of that as I was weaving.

stripes & blocks pink bad selvedges

I compounded my errors by weaving two of those scarves with pink wefts.

Isn’t it weird that now I have two warps in a row that what I liked on the loom and off the loom are direct opposites? I have no answer to that.

Kate asked for my draft for these scarves – here you go!
color block draft

7 comments to Stripes & Blocks

  • Barbara Jackson

    Can twill be done in doubleweave

    • Peg Cherre

      Twill can be done in doubleweave, depending on the twill drawdown chosen and the number of shafts on your loom. In order to convert this particular draft to double-width doubleweave, you would need 16 shafts. Of course, many other options are possible.

  • Linda compton

    I love your scarf and want to weave it but would like to use 2/18 jagger spun. Can you recommend a sett that you think would work best? Possibly a 12 dent reed? Would 24 epi. work?
    Thank you.
    Linda Compton

  • marlene toerien

    Hi Peg, I would love to have the draft for the scarves please, Marlene Toerien

  • Beautiful work. I admired the qualities of each piece. I do not understand how you created the squares/blocks on the scarf featured. Will you share your secret? Kate

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