Sigh and sigh again

The yarn for my next 2 warps of baby wraps should arrive on Monday. Meanwhile I got my counterbalance loom ready for some Christmas presents. Measured 430 threads, threaded the heddles and reed, tied onto the front apron, and wove a few pics to test the threading. I didn’t see any, so I proceeded.

I […]

A Fair Trade

When I packaged the wraps to mail to R & R, I used my last two baby wrap bags. My strong preference is to make more right away, ‘cuz the last thing I want to happen is for me to have wraps ready to go and have to stop then and make bags.

I went […]

Ironing out the differences

Most weavers – for sure every weaver who knows, or knows of, Laura Fry – understand that wet finishing is an important part of the weaving process. And part of wet finishing is a hard press. The purpose isn’t to get out wrinkles, but rather to seal the deal with the threads, to make […]

Covering chairs

I’ve had a request to post a photo of the hand painted yarn I used for RGB’s wrap.

Once the yarn is wound from skein to ball, it’s really hard to see what the end result will be. I unwound a little, but still, there’s really no way to know how the colors will […]

Open sister wraps

It’s not all that common that I have an ‘open sister’ baby wrap. An open sister means that I can put more length on my loom than I have committed. For the best use of my time, it’s most efficient to warp for between 7 and 10 meters of finished length.

At the […]