Over & under

KG's wrap from the top

I admit it. For the past two days I haven’t thrown a single shuttle. Why? I spent several hours visiting with friends, old and new, which was very nice. When I had productive time I followed my heart, and the inspiration of fellow weavers and bloggers Theresa (Runamuck Weaving) and Amanda (Weave Away) and worked on making Christmas presents. I can’t tell you anything about them because everyone on my list will get some form of them, but I can tell you that after my ‘work’ time this weekend I’m about half done. Some things went quicker than I’d hoped, others more slowly than I’d wanted. C’est la vie.

I do have 2/3 of KG’s first wrap, with white weft, woven. Above you see the wrap from the top of the loom, and here’s a look as it rolls over the cloth beam…the other side of the fabric.

KG's wrap from underneath

I am just loving these colors, from the top and the bottom. KG-do you have a preference for which is the ‘right’ side when I hem it?

5 comments to Over & under

  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks, Theresa. I’m glad I’m making gifts that make me happy, I can only hope that the people who get them like them, too. 😉

    Thanks, Alma. I’m waiting to hear from KG.

  • Kara

    Oh my word!!! It’s perfect! I’m in love, and can’t wait to see it in person! Will shoot you an email about the “right” side! 🙂

  • Alma

    I don’t know about KG, but I’m very impressed with the view from below, showing all the white. Very striking!

  • How pretty is that wrap! The colors are so soft, truly like a rainbow. Glad to provide inspiration! I cut off the last warp ( and three of my apron ties with it.. Dang it! ) and now I have 3 bare looms and lots of warp ideas.
    There is a lot of satisfaction in giving myself time to make gifts this year. Good luck with all your creative gift endeavors!

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