Temporary fix

warp for KG & me

How beautiful is that warp?! My brain can’t stop thinking about what I’ll use for weft and what I’ll make out of the fabric that I weave. But first I have to weave the 2 wraps for KG.

I got the warp beamed, threaded, and tied on to the front apron. I wove about 8″ and then stood up. Uh oh! My apron has a tear in it!

apron tear

I’m betting this is the original canvas apron, from when the loom was built in the early 1950s. Even canvas has a life span, especially when it’s repeatedly subject to high tension. If you look closely at the picture you can see that I’d previously had to hand sew the hem at this end of the apron.

I need to replace the apron, but can’t do that in the middle of a warp. So it needs to be fixed temporarily. I sewed it closed.

apron tear sewn shut

Then, just for kicks, I put a piece of clear packing tape over the sewing repair.

apron taped together

I will go to Joanns and buy canvas to have on hand for a permanent repair that I’ll make as soon as this warp comes off the loom. It’s IMPORTANT. I’ll buy enough canvas to replace the apron on the warp beam, too. And the aprons on my counterbalance loom.

True confessions…I ‘repaired’ the warp beam apron on my counterbalance loom with clear duct tape many months ago. Although it has held, it looks like crap and I suspect if this loom saw the kind of action that the Macomber does that tape would have failed long ago.

old apron taped together

A weaver who doesn’t take care of her tools is a fool. So say I. And I am too often a fool. 🙁

3 comments to Temporary fix

  • […] world, an apron is a piece of sturdy cloth that’s important to the functioning of your loom. A month ago I showed you the worn out, ripped apron on my Macomber. Instead of buying fabric and making new […]

  • You know, the apron kits from Macomber weren’t much higher than buying quality canvas here for me and they put that varnish on it so the edges don’t stretch and ripple. I did both my Macs this year as both came with aprons that had far exceeded their life span.
    That warp is stunning! Colors of the tundra on a clear cold day. 😉
    Pets to Jack!

    • Peg Cherre

      Oooh…thanks for that tip, Theresa. Never thought of going to Macomber. Bet I can get one for my little counterbalance from them, too. My current aprons don’t have any type of varnish on them, but all selvedges are hemmed, so more work and hard on my little sewing machine. Plus they’ll be delivered — I don’t have to go to the store.

      Jack sends a nose nudge.

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