April Towels Bring……

…frustration, in this case.

After fighting with the warp to get it beamed, I fought with it for most of the weaving, too.

I wove one towel & had to cut it off & re-tie because the warp was so poorly tensioned. All will be well now, I thought.


I had to weave […]

EJ’s Yarn

Today I’ll start measuring the warp for EJ’s wraps. She’s ordered two – one with a natural weft, one with peacock.

Here are what her warp yarns look like before I start. Aren’t they lovely?

From left to right it’s mauve, mauve pale, lilac, bleu cobalt, bleu moyen, and jeans. Yummy!

As planned, yesterday […]

They picked ME!

I just received official notification – my application for an Artist in the Community grant was selected for funding!

I am amazed! And a bit in shock. And scared – can I really do what I proposed? Will it take an ungodly amount of hours to accomplish? What will I have to forgo to be […]

Best Laid Plans

Surely you learned about the poet Robert Burns in school. Those plans ‘gang aft agley.’ Once again, my plans went awry.

After finishing that last post I went first to my notes and computer, writing down how many threads of each color I needed to measure in what order for that first baby wrap.


More Progress

After weaving and finishing those 11 scarves I went off to do a show. It’s one that I love doing – the crowd is always so interesting and so supportive, the volunteers are helpful, and I get to work with my sister.

This year was no exception – Buffalo turned out for the Elmwood Avenue […]