BIG changes

When I bought my house I knew there were only a few big things that needed to be done. One was to remove a very large Norway maple from the back yard. I love trees, especially big, old trees. I’m a tree planter, not a tree cutter. But this Norway, although healthy enough, took my […]

First Rochester wraps mailed

Today I managed to get the first two wraps woven in my lovely Rochester weaving studio pressed, labelled, and mailed. They’re winging their way to moms that I hope will be thrilled when they open the boxes.

On the left is JMC’s wrap, woven with a framboise cotton weft. On the right, AF’s wraps, […]

It all turned out ok

What a day! I started making a batch of salsa at about 9AM. Of course, that starts with gathering and washing jars, etc. I made this recipe last year & absolutely loved it. IMHO this year’s is good, but not as good. Read on to find out why. Here’s the recipe for 1/2 batch […]


The yarn I’d been waiting for to weave AF’s baby wrap finally arrived on Friday afternoon, as I’d predicted. So today I committed to spend time at the loom.

I liked JM’s framboise cotton, and I also really like AF’s magenta tencel. Both of these wefts work well with every color in the warp.


5 minutes my &#%!

My house had 3 ceiling fixtures that were clearly fan/light combos at some point in their lives, but by the time I moved in the fan blades and mounting hardware was all removed, leaving 3 lights with weird metal parts. I like ceiling fans, especially in the bedroom, and especially since I am not used […]